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 <3Natalie's GM Application<3

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PostSubject: <3Natalie's GM Application<3   <3Natalie's GM Application<3 EmptyWed Aug 29, 2012 8:48 am

Very Happy Name / In Game Name:
Very Happy Age:
Very Happy Timezone:
pacific time
Very Happy Why you want to be a Game Master:
i want to be GM because i enjoy helping people with their issues, and i am also a very active player,i am also familiar with the commands because i have been gm before.
Very Happy How you can benefit the server as a Game Master compared to a normal player:
I can help around in the server and do what normal GMs do, that is to make the server fun, to help people when they need help, to give everyone the great time that they have had in the server. I am not just a normal ordinary GM, I am a fun GM. I do lots of fun stuff for a server.
Very Happy Extra skills you can provide:
I will bring whatever I can bring. I'll offer support to the server, I'll be there to help when a player needs it,I'll host events, I'll hunt down hackers and scammers, I'll make sure to not abuse my powers, etc.
Very Happy Prior experience as a Game Master (if any, please provide visible proof) :
<3Natalie's GM Application<3 23ittac , <3Natalie's GM Application<3 2qs00md , <3Natalie's GM Application<3 2bxkb6
Very Happy Any suggestions you have in mind for the server:
Very Happy Extra Info:
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<3Natalie's GM Application<3
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