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 Example of a GM application

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Example of a GM application Empty
PostSubject: Example of a GM application   Example of a GM application EmptyFri Jun 22, 2012 11:58 am

Name / In Game Name: Steven / afreckle

Age: 18

Timezone: GMT +10

Why you want to be a Game Master:
I generally enjoy helping people, whether it's in real life or in a game. I feel that by helping them solve their problems (if any), I can better myself by being more considerate towards others. Also, I get the feeling of self-accomplishment when someone walks away happy after I've helped them (even if it's just a little bit of advice), so I would really like to take this one step further by gaining more power and responsibility by become a Game Master so that my abilities to help others can be extended.

How you can benefit the server as a Game Master compared to a normal player:
I've been on servers where there have been no GM's online, so I welcome any new player who logs on (if I can find them first). They've encountered problems like not being able to find a particular item that they want (and should still be able to get normally), getting d/ced during a jump quest or rebirth quest and not having the required items to do it again (because they already used them on the first entry), or even just being bored because some people are not interested in levelling up or rebirthing. This usually happens because my timezone is usually different from all the other GM's, so none of them are online when new players have these kinds of problems. As a result from a lack of online GM's, there are no events occurring to pique players' interests so there's a significant chance that this will affect their initial impression of the server and just leave, despite my efforts to keep them online.

Extra skills you can provide:
I've learnt some basic javascript, so I could be able to help create some pretty simple npcs (ones that give items or just talk to you to advance a plot or something) but my skills are rather limited. Also, I've hosted my own server before (MapleLight v83 with SupremeMS repack) so I have dealt with GM commands as I have a list still in my repack folder for all the ranks of GM (unless this server adds some custom commands, which should be pretty easy to pick up in-game anyway).

Prior experience as a Game Master (if any, please provide visible proof) :
I've been coder in a couple of servers helping out (MapleTaste, EldestMS, GrapeMS) but I didn't take any screenshots because I felt that I was only promoted to GM because of my offline knowledge and not because of the normal requirements of an in-game Game Master. Other than that, I have never been a regular Game Master on any other server before.

Any suggestions you have in mind for the server:
Pvp has always been of interest to me since there's so much more you can make from pvp points (pvp shop, pvp ranks, tournaments, etc.) but a server that I was on tried to implement it but ended up screwing up some other aspects of the server, so it might not be wise to this still-new server.
Another idea that could be tried is guild buffs. Basically, the more Guild Points a particular guild has, then the stronger and more numerous passive buffs are implemented on each player in that guild. This could serve to reduce the number of inactive guilds in the game, because it is likely that players would flock to the most strongest guild in order to receive the best buffs in-game. The game could then get more in-depth as rivalries start between different guilds as they compete to be the strongest. What could make this even more interesting is that the different ranks in each guild have different strength of buffs. So, the master would be the strongest with the weakest buffs given to the new recruits. This serves to make each individual rank highly valued and promotions have to be given wisely.

Extra Info:
I'm currently attending university in Australia, but recently just finished exams so I should have more time to spend on the server. But, like anyone else, I have other things I like to do other than spending my time on MapleStory like going out with friends, playing soccer or even just watching anime/movies.
Before applying, I've gotten to know most of the active people in-game pretty well and haven't had any major discrepancies with any of them (thank god Very Happy ) so in the chance that my application is accepted, hopefully everyone else will agree with the decision.


Please do not deliberately copy any of the above content. This post was designed to show the level of detail and length that an application is preferred to have in order to have a running chance for the limited number of available positions.
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Example of a GM application
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