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 Throwstars Gm Application

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PostSubject: Throwstars Gm Application   Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:04 pm

Name / In Game Name:ThrowStars98



Why you want to be a Game Master: The Reason i would like to become a game master is because if the owner needs help with anything i am very experienced, in the past i had 3 of my very own private servers and I understand ther responsibility it takes to manage and handle one.I am also really good with people and helping people and i understand the importance of a private server and all the rules i must follow. I also know many commands and i have a command book.

How you can benefit the server as a Game Master compared to a normal player: I can be on 24/7 and im very experienced and I know how to handle quite hard situations.I also know alot all of the GM commands and I know how to handle situations that normal players might not and I can also help the owner if he has any problems with the server

Extra skills you can provide: Help the owner with server problems, Help other GMS with commands, Help normal players if they need help.

Prior experience as a Game Master (if any, please provide visible proof) : Honestly i dont have any proof because recently i replaced my desktop with a new one but i had my very own private server 3 times and im very experienced. Like i said recently i reformatted my computer so i lost about everything. h t tp : // ky u u bi m s.f orummotion. com/t1-game-masters

Any suggestions you have in mind for the server: i think the server is amazing where its at right now but if i can think of something i will for sure let the owner know my thoughts and see where it goes from there.

Extra Info: Im 15 years old I am a skateboarder, I have 2 brothers and 2 parents and im funny and i love helping people and talking to people. I also know how to make a forum and i am really good at video editing so I can make this private server a video to help reel more people in the game. [img][/img] Honestly thats all the proof i have since my computer got reformatted

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PostSubject: Re: Throwstars Gm Application   Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:16 pm

Too brief... and please give evidence that you actually owned a server
-1 for now
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PostSubject: Throwstars98   Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:46 am

I tried but i said i cant (New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days. Please contact the forum administrator for more information.)
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PostSubject: Re: Throwstars Gm Application   

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Throwstars Gm Application
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