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 Reboundz's Game master application.

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Reboundz's Game master application. Empty
PostSubject: Reboundz's Game master application.   Reboundz's Game master application. EmptySat Sep 29, 2012 7:34 pm

Name / In Game Name: Joey P****** - Reboundz

Age: I'm currently 14, turning 15 in october. 10-8-1997 MM-DD-YYYY

Timezone: (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam

Why you want to be a Game Master: I will always follow the rules, and even create some or make them better. I like to help people and not to curse on them, people have feelings too. I wanna help people in Fullmetal Alchemist and make the community grown! I wont ban anyone unless it is hacking. I wanna talk every fight out unless they are cursing and keeps disrespecting after I warned him/her, it will leads to a jail for 5 ~ 15 min to calm down. After the calm down part I will try to talk again and hear the both side of the story and not just 1 because he/she can lie. And try to fix the issue that they have. Like i said i won't ban anyone unless it is hacking, i will warp in hide to him and follow him and see if its a hacker Example: 0 Rebirths, Level 30 hitting 1b, Impossible you can't hit so high at 0 Rebirths, so I will take a screenshot with his damage and jail him and he say's Example: I have bypass you can't ban me for hacking. I will screenshot that too and ask permission to ban him, after I banned him I will post the screenshots on the forum for a ban appeal that he wants to make.

How you can benefit the server as a Game Master compared to a normal player: Game Master is better to get closer to a hacker, Entertaining people with an Event, Try to be online daily and if I come online that people will be happy that I come online and talk with normal player's, and that they even don't know that I am a Game Master.

Extra skills you can provide: I dont have any skills with coding. I'm learning at school how to use Adobe fotoshop CS6 and it is pretty hard to know everything, I got some logo's that I made at school.

Prior experience as a Game Master (if any, please provide visible proof) :
AzelMS v83, vps shutted down and no back-up or any proof..

Any suggestions you have in mind for the server: I got some events in my head and I will use my inspiration to create new event's
Example: Beef Event, if you got knocked out of the map at Elinea you're out and will get automaticly warped to sleepy. Last man stands wins.

Extra Info: Well, I'm Joey. I live in The Netherlands. I love music it's fantastic and I like to eat. I'm now at Middle high school pre-paring for my Exams. People can't get me mad I'm the relaxed person. I'm not so good at english, I have to teach it to my self.

Thank you for reading my Game master application (:
- Reboundz.

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Reboundz's Game master application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reboundz's Game master application.   Reboundz's Game master application. EmptySat Sep 29, 2012 7:37 pm

hey joey ; ty for coming here ... and about ur app :/


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Reboundz's Game master application.
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