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 How to map wz edit :3

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How to map wz edit :3 Empty
PostSubject: How to map wz edit :3   How to map wz edit :3 EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 10:29 pm

Ya ... no one wants to download your whole giantass Map.wz file.
You don't want to upload your whole giantass Map.wz file. is what u need)
Open your map.wz.
Map.wz>Map>Map<First Digit of ID> (Example: Map.wz>Map>Map0)
Go to the map you want to release and click it (<mapid>.img Example: 910000000.img).
Now click XML>Dump>Storage\distribution purposes>I want to create multiple XMLs>Dump.
Go to the folder and upload the XML.

Now to import one of these XMLs ...
Open your map.wz.
Find the XML you want to import.
Look at the file name. If it starts with a 0 (maps that start with 0 have an ID less than or equal to 99,999,999), click Map0 folder in the map directory of your wz. If it starts with 1 Map1, 2 Map 2 and so on ...
Now that you clicked the Map<number> click XML>Import>Find your XML
Now save that map.wz.

I Hope this helps cause lots of people have asked me for it
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How to map wz edit :3
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