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 [18/06/12] Game Update 2

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[18/06/12] Game Update 2 Empty
PostSubject: [18/06/12] Game Update 2   [18/06/12] Game Update 2 EmptyMon Jun 18, 2012 4:16 pm

Hello FMAStory Community,

Below are the details of the Update 2 on 18/06/12.

1. Addition of @autorebirth and @autocrown command.
Due to high requests for the commands, it has been implemented in the server.
@autorebirth and @autocrown will be, by default, turned off. Hence, for those interested, you may use the commands to switch it on.

2. Modification for Buff Times.
The Onyx Apples and others have been given the usual buff time, but apparently the skills buff time has been affected as well.
Will be correcting the issue soon in the coming updates. [Update: As of Update 3, the issue has been resolved.]

3. Addition of !giveclue and !seducemap. (Applicable to Staff)
With !giveclue, it's easier to conduct HnS events without having to type a lot.
With !seducemap, it will also be easier to get players to a specified location.

4. Modification of RBPQ.
Previously, there were shortcuts in RBPQ, where players do not need to actually go through the whole RBPQ process.
This has hence been modified, and is working normal.

5. Implementation of Dupe Patch #1.
Some players may be aware that there is a dupe that may be caused by packet editing. This method has just been patched in the game.

Feel free to put up suggestions in the forums, and if you're not comfortable, you may do so via chat as well.
Special Thanks for everyone's cooperation, as there were many times the server needed to be restarted.

Thank you for your time!

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[18/06/12] Game Update 2
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