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 Anthony's GFX APP

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PostSubject: Anthony's GFX APP   Anthony's GFX APP EmptySun Jul 01, 2012 8:30 am

Name : Anthony

Age : 16

Language : English

Time Zone: MST

why you think you could help us (FMAStory) :I've helped many servers in the past, And I feel like i can help this server improve as well.

What you can do/Programs used : I use, adobe Photoshop, HARepacker, HACreator , MapleSim ( Sometimes) Macromedia flash 8, And i Can't think of anything else at the moment.

Is this your first time as a GFX member: No... I've been GFX At a few really popular servers. Musicstory, Xyernastory (Idk the new name but there stilll popular) ,MapleUniverse And i've been offered jobs at many servers.

Some of your work?:

Red DB FJ:
Anthony's GFX APP RedDJFJ

Drawing I made for my youtube channel :
Anthony's GFX APP SexyAssDrawing

rough Draft of the items I made for musicstory
Anthony's GFX APP Maple0081

FM1 map I made :
Anthony's GFX APP Maple0067

Me as the GFX for Musicstory (for proof)
Anthony's GFX APP Maple0020-1

Dark Impale Wz Edit :
Anthony's GFX APP Maple0043

Battle ship Wz Edit :
Anthony's GFX APP Maple0048

Head GM/GFX For MapleU Along with this Nyan Cat Chair I made which did move. But you Can't SS that :
Anthony's GFX APP Maple0032

Map I made for Mapleshore :
Anthony's GFX APP Maple0005

Anthony's GFX APP Maple0000

Anthony's GFX APP Maple0002

Another drawing I made for Gaiaonline:

Anthony's GFX APP Avi8

I Lost alot of my Stuff Cause I broke my old PC .... Anyways Thats It,

Thank you for taking the time to read my app

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Anthony's GFX APP Empty
PostSubject: Re: Anthony's GFX APP   Anthony's GFX APP EmptyMon Jul 02, 2012 11:41 am

we really liked the examples of your work that you showed us, and hope that you can apply the same, if not better, quality of work to this server Smile

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Anthony's GFX APP
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