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 [30/06/12] Game Update 4

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[30/06/12] Game Update 4 Empty
PostSubject: [30/06/12] Game Update 4   [30/06/12] Game Update 4 EmptySat Jun 30, 2012 3:00 pm

So it's been like 9 days since our last update, but never fear! It's not because we've been lazy. In fact it's been the opposite!

Here's a few things we've achieved in that space of time just off the top of my head:

1. New custom wz edits.
character.wz + item.wz have been editted to give most v1.11 [equips, hairs, faces (in the character file)] + [chairs, accessories(?) (in the item file)]. These must be downloaded to avoid disconnecting in-game.*
skill.wz has been generously editted by Becky to give different colours to almost all of the usual skills that you would use in-game. Although you won't d/c or anything if you don't have this particular file, I strongly recommend downloading this one to get badass versions of your regular skills Very Happy

2. Edward Elric fix.
With the right selection of conversation options, this npc now correctly gives 1 Genesis Bandana to the player to help them ease into the rebirth grinding if they so wish (bandana gives 32,767 str/dex/int/luk).

3. @aio change.
This player command no longer d/ces the player wherever they are. This was achieved through switching the player npc (Item Merchant) with an original npc (Maed). Although in the same place as the Item Merchant, if a player were to click the npc Maed gives his original, uneditted script. Therefore, the only way to access the AIO shop at the moment is through @aio.

* = We've received reports where players, who have downloaded these files, find they disconnect from the game after entering their PIC in character selection. Apparently, the solution is to disable your Loopback Adapters.
FAQ: What are Loopback Adapters? How do I disable these?
A: Refer to the post in the forums > Tech help > First stop for errors
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[30/06/12] Game Update 4
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