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 Atrocity's GM application

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Atrocity's GM application  Empty
PostSubject: Atrocity's GM application    Atrocity's GM application  EmptySat Jun 23, 2012 9:58 am

Name: Fergal.
Age: 16
IGN: Atrocity.
Time Zone NSW Australia:
3:30 pm-1:00 am (Week Days)
9:30 am-2:00 am (Week Ends, with Breaks Between)

I'd love to become a GM because i love helping new players in Maple, love learning new things, than teaching things I've learnt to others. I'm good at acting like the elderly one in arguments between others, making things work out for everyone in maple is my top priority, making sure no one is bulling others or if being bullied by others and purposely Kill stealing or being KSed.

I Could benefit this server in many ways, By keeping it a welcoming and active server by inviting players in chat, than helping them In Game to keep them settled in FMAStory, making sure that new players have people to talk to besides myself to keep them company. I'd check in strange and pointless maps to see if anyone one is hacking, such a duping, botting etc.

I have a few extra skills besides helping others. I've been learning coding from other people and websites, Learning how to use photo shop and BannedStory better to try and find ways to customize the server website, and maybe one day (up to the Owner afreckle) help on WZ editing.

I have never been a GM before, but excited to be one, one day. i'd make sure that the Owner doesn't regret it in any way.

I have suggestions on this server. WZ editing. WZ editing would make this server more exciting and different, in a good way. it would be a great way to invite people on the TOP 200 Maplestory private server list. a lot more people would flow in. another suggestion is the website, the website is looking Great, but could have a bit more touches here and there to make it look more of a welcoming and FMAish! Very Happy
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Atrocity's GM application  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Atrocity's GM application    Atrocity's GM application  EmptyTue Jul 10, 2012 3:46 am

we liked your application, so you're through to the final phase of GM selections.

Onwards to the next stage!
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Atrocity's GM application
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