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 Jason app gm

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PostSubject: Jason app gm   Jason app gm EmptyWed Jun 20, 2012 5:34 pm

Name: jason
In game username: Jason
Age: 16
Timezone/Country: GMT -8. USA.
Languages spoken: English, barely any spanish.

Any past experiences as GM?

I have had experience as an intern on my old server VengeanceMS. However, it was only for about 2-3 weeks. I resigned right before my promotion and server closed soon after. I have no proof of this, but if you guys still talk to Sara she can tell you. She was also a GM on that server.

How active will you be?

I'm like one of the most active people on the server, don't even deny it. Most of you might think I only AFK the whole time I am on. Just because im not at my computer doesn't mean I can't see it. Computer and TV are 3 feet apart, and I got some keen eyesight... Like a falcon.

How would you deal with a hacker?

Send him a URL for even better hacks. First I would take a piece of photographic evidence known to many as a "Screen Shot." Once I have a sufficient amount of evidence I will cast my devine punishment upon those who choose to defy the almighty law (Punish him accordingly). Soon after I will check the forums to see if he has made an appeal to his ban. My conscious will tell me not to harbor a grudge against those who seek to preform malice throughout the server, and with that he will be blessed with a case. Basically I would just consult with you guys on the matter. Although nobody is going to hack with my new BaninatorV2.0. And yes, it has cupholders.


What would you do as a GM?

Play. When do I start? Kidding. Host events, cause seriously it's now rare that we get those. Help people when needed, I already do this if they ask me for it. I would stop being a douchebag to Matt (doesn't mean I plan on being nice to him either). Also what I stated previously with the ban thing^. I can do pretty much anything, im not stubborn. With great power comes great responsibility right? Also share my KMS for stuff like below. I would do that regardless though. You can ask me for my files if you want. Little tired of looking at repacker.

Image Image

Any additional information you would like to share with us?

My strengths: Everything.
Weaknesses: I have too many strengths.

Most you guys on the upper staff have my msn and skype so I don't feel like making that public. I evolved my Eevee into a Jolteon, it's totally bad ass. Also I know most of you probably think I am a mean person, I am just straight forward. I'm not going to sit there and lead someone on acting like I enjoy there presence when I really don't. I wouldn't let that affect my job though. I CAN CHANGE BABE I SWEAR. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all. I will also sleep with all of the staff members for this position. Kidding. But seriously, give me a call. Cindy said I should try and apply. I probably won't get the job and that's fine. Thanks for reading the greatest APP in the history of great APPs.
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PostSubject: Re: Jason app gm   Jason app gm EmptyFri Jun 22, 2012 12:18 pm

Same application as that on MusicStory v83.
Proof of allegation:

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Jason app gm
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